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BK-OIL KFT. üzem

Our company was established on 15.10.2013, It deals in wholesale of anti-corrosion oil
No. KN 2710 1991, named OIL FWM 68 – a heavy duty, multipurpose and corrosion-preventing product, intended for chippy machining operations, spanning from middle-to high-demanding ones. The product is suitable also for the lubrication of machine tools, thereby eliminating the problem of mutual friction of metals. Since there is concerned a highquality base oil, there is ensured the effective machining of metals during demanding operations, since the oil does not induce the corrosion of metal parts during machining. During the course of grinding and machining operations the oil decreases the load on metal parts, thereby prolonging the life-span of tools and grinding discs, while increasing productivity. The prduct is recommended for a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

After a long market research for the sake of enlarging the circle of our customers, we have increased the range of our products over the past years, by the sales of two products, fulfilling similar functions, as the existing ones. The new products, sold by our Company, became known on the market under the brand names of: KN 34031980 “CHALI 68” CHEM-Anticorrosive Liquid and KN 38140090 “MOOS” Mixture of organic solvents. Their field of application is identical to that of the former products, however, the new ones are different in their composition, and thus we can comply with the requirements of further groups of customers.
Next to our existing commercial activities, we plan in 2020 to start with own production of our products and storage, as our Company´s new activity. In the summer of 2019 we started to construct the production plant – one part of the resources being obtained from external sources, to which we applied for support from the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND, in the form of repayable loan.
We have forming two production units:
one is a storage and dispensing device for a raw material,
the other is a multi-component anti-corrosion material mixing apparatus.
The investment is expected to be completed in May 2020.